Gabrielle Belmont | 2013

Gabrielle Belmont | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow | 2013

About: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was my first, breathtaking step into the dark and dangerous world inhabited by the Belmont clan. I’d always been drawn to the series, much due to the haunting character art by Ayami Kojima. As a completionist, though, I’d struggled with a point of entry to the franchise. I wanted to start from the very beginning, and in a way Lords of Shadow afforded me this opportunity. MercurySteam made one of the most beautiful games of this generation in Lords of Shadow, appealing immediately to the designer in me. That, coupled with the compelling array of weapons and accessories Gabriele wields, had me itching to recreate his ensemble. Easy enough – add an “L” and enter Gabrielle Belmont.  This costume is the most ambitious and demanding design I’ve ever tackled, challenging me to combine many of the skills I’d learned over the years – leather working, armor fabrication, molding and casting, and more. But I’d say the end result was well worth it!

Photography: A special shout out goes to BGZ Studios who went above and beyond by renting out Rhodes Hall for our pre-DragonCon photoshoot. Additional phenomenal photos by Benny Lee, Jason Chau, and Joseph Chi Lin. Also Martin Wong for the stunning photos taken at Yosemite! 

Collaborators: A huge thank-you goes to God Save the Queen Fashions for helping create a pattern for the complex jacket!

Construction: Check out the construction gallery here.


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