Dark Phoenix | 2010

Dark Phoenix | X-Men | 2010

About: Dark Phoenix was one of only a handful of times where I was invited to a project as a model rather than a crafter, which made it a fun and low-stress collaboration! This was part of an official feature for Marvel’s blog, and as such I had the opportunity to hang out with other lovely cosplayers Yaya Han, Riddle, and Marie Claude Bourbonnais during the shoot. The production team was super talented and the photos turned out amazing!

Photography & Makeup: Photo by Jay Tablante. Makeup by Ara Fernando.


  • Styling: Raffy Tesoro
  • Costume Production: Badj Galias-Genato
  • Art Direction: Jay Tablante / Raffy Tesoro
  • CG Imaging (City): Carlo Sardez
  • Digital Imaging: Carlo Sardez
  • Production Design: Raffy Tesoro


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