Lady Two-Face | 2011

Lady Two-Face | Batman: The Animated Series | 2011

About: Of all the costumes in my portfolio, Lady Two-Face took on a life beyond my wildest expectations. The moment I stepped out of my hotel room at SDCC in 2011 and heard the first sharp intake of breath at the incredible makeup done by friend H Makeup, I knew we had something special. The concept was a simple one, gender-bend one of my favorite Two-Face interpretations in the Batman universe, relying on a sharply-tailored suit to highlight a feminine figure. I’ve only worn this costume twice since it’s debut due to the several-hour long makeup application, but the costume has been recreated for conventions worldwide, replicated for sale on eBay, and even featured in a psychology textbook on subcultures with the caption “Why would anyone dress like this?” I ask, Why not?

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Anna Fischer, Ljinto, and Tozzer. Makeup by H Makeup and Crystal Soveroski.


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