Left 4 Dead | 2008

Left 4 Dead | 2009

About: The annual Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis is an absolute blast, especially when you join forces with friends to bring iconic zombie-fighting crews from nerd culture to life. In 2007, we paid tribute to the world of Resident Evil, with me donning the role of Jill Valentine among a group of Umbrella scientists. The following year, we opted for a Marvel Zombies theme, where I transformed my fresh Elektra outfit into an undead rendition of the character.

In 2009 my friends and I felt called to the Left 4 Dead crew. From scrounging up props to meticulous costume preparations, the entire process was a labor of love. Crafting Zoey’s modified track jacket, transforming a biker costume into Francis’s ensemble, and bringing characters like Bill, Louis, and the Boomer to life was a blast. Pun intended.

Running around the freezing streets of Minneapolis yelling “PILLS HERE!” was unforgettable. While I now live out-of-state, I hope to some day return to the pub crawl and shuffle alongside the masses of moaning attendees again.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Tonic Dog Studios.


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