Mad Moxxi | 2010

Mad Moxxi | Borderlands | 2010

About: As a big Borderlands fan, the original plan wasn’t to cosplay Moxxi at all. Borderlands’ Lilith had all my attention early on. When Moxxi’s DLC came about there wasn’t much question as to who was the more interesting character. Moxxi didn’t have any screws left to be loose, and so that made her an appealing character to play. I knew immediately that the jacket was too complex for my meager sewing skills and so I opted to commission it from the super-talented Samantha Rei. I also reached out to Megan Bishop of Apatico to create Moxxi’s cute cap. I focused on the accessories and props, including the holster and her megaphone which is made out of a lampshade and hair dryer. While I only wore this outfit once or twice, she was a blast to run around as. 

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Chanh Tang and LJinto. Phenomenal makeup by H Makeup.

Collaborators: Jacket by Samantha Rei and hat by Apatico.


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