Graphic Design

I studied both Graphic Design and Journalism/Mass Communications at the University of Minnesota from 2004-2008.

My university design projects focused almost exclusively on geek culture subjects – an intentional decision I made to ensure my portfolio represented my desire to work in gaming after graduation. Over four years I recreated a Mario board game pixel by pixel to test my Adobe Illustrator skills, crafted a visual identity for a fake cosplay company, designed and built a website dedicated to upcoming video game legislation for my senior project, and more. I also really enjoyed typography class, where we would create entire compositions out of nothing but letters. 

While I would go on to use my minor in Journalism after breaking into the video game industry, I still found opportunities to create whenever possible. At Game Informer, I often designed the online hubs for our cover stories and event coverage, in addition to designing original logos for reoccurring features like the CosBlog and Indie Week coverage. 

Check out some design highlights below!