Death | 2010

Death | The Sandman |  2010

About: This is by far one of the most extensive shoots I’ve ever coordinated, but the effort was well worth it considering what a huge fan I am of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series. While the world of Sandman is full of complex and eclectic characters, I have always been most drawn to Death out of an appreciation for the empathy and care she applies to her work. When my brother Justin passed away in a car accident, I always liked to imagine her by his side, helping him move on to what was next.

The idea behind the shoot was to capture moments just before death, with the Endless waiting in the wings to assist with the transition. My crew of friends (all comic nerds themselves) and I captured death via accidents, illness, violence, and even old-age, surrounded by loved ones. We even asked the local fire department if they would let us pose with an ambulance and fire truck, and they agreed! While I never wore Death outside of this photoshoot, this remains one of my favorite cosplay memories.

Photography: Photos by Photosynthetique. Makeup by

Collaborators: Extras include Jen Vinson, Ashley Hay, Britty Campbell , John Whitt, and David Terres!


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