Mera | 2019

Mera | Aquaman (2018) | 2019

About: While I’m not a particularly huge Aquaman fan, I actively searched out mother/daughter costumes for my mom and I to wear at various conventions, and we both loved the designs of Mera & Atlanna from the 2018 movie. Rather than try to stitch a bodysuit from scratch, we both purchased bodysuits and augmented them. I made the armor out of EVA foam using a pattern from Etsy, and 3D printed the trident! We shot the photos on-location at Supernova Brisbane with some super-talented photographers who had stations set up on the show floor.

Photography: Photos by Photo by SFX Images & Steam Kittens.

Resources: I purchased the trident file from CP3DPrinting, and the armor set template from Stassklass!


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