Project Lex Wonder Woman | 2013

Wonder Woman | Project Lex | 2013

About: This amazing Wonder Woman outfit was brought to life for Adam Jay’s Project Lex. I was asked to participate alongside dozens of talented cosplayers, crafters, and artists. Unlike most my cosplay projects, I just gave my measurements and showed up at the set! Was a super fun experience and the photos turned out very cool.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by SuperHero Photography by Adam Jay, Makeup by Lionheart FX, Edited by Robot-CAPA Created by Darry Fletcher

Collaborators: Superman/Joshua Boultinghouse, Lex Luthor/Peter Weidman, Batman/Kevin Porter, Cyborg/Knightmage, Green Lantern/Steven Cevolani, Green Arrow/Kyle Whisner Official, The Joker/Patient J, Fracture/Detty Cosplay, Deathstroke/Living Ichigo, Catwoman/LeeAnna Vamp, Poison Ivy/Abby Dark-Star, Cerce/Eve Beauregard, The Flash/Wade’s Widdle Workshop