Amazons | 2017

Amazons | Wonder Woman | 2017

About: Shot at AnimeKon Lim8tless in Barbados & Icon Comic & Games Convention in South Africa! Since we were essentially traveling to a real-world Paradise Island, it felt appropriate to dress for the occasion. This was also a chance for my mom and I to cosplay as our first mother/daughter duo.

Photography & Makeup:

Collaborators: Pixel Stitcher as Antiope, my mom as Hippolyta, Tina B as Menalippe, and myself as Diana!

Construction: Hannah, mom, and I all collaborated on each costume – we primarily used leather, sintra, EVA foam, and assorted fabrics! Check out our construction gallery here.

Resources: God Killer sword by mFXprops, Hippolyta’s sword by FutureSculpture, Wonder Woman vambrace and shield pattern by EpochEchoCosworx, and Hippolyta outfit & shield pattern by DownenCreativeStudio.


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