Aphrodite IX | 2007

Aphrodite IX | 2007

About: Aphrodite IX has always held a special place in my cosplay closet. Her story, as an android-assassin whose memory is wiped after every mission, drew me in as much as her cool cyberpunk design.

Crafting Aphrodite IX’s ensemble wasn’t overly complicated. However, it did require a fair amount of time and effort to gather all the necessary components. From a simple men’s tank and a thrifted skirt, to eBay-sourced bullet belts and repurposed Lara Croft boots, each piece was carefully chosen to compliment her character. Topping it off with custom sleeves made from striped socks and a green wig, colored by hand with marker because I couldn’t find a perfect match locally, the look came together over the course of a month or two. Debuting the costume at SDCC in 2007 was a highlight, but it came with its share of unexpected challenges – such as discovering that my skin was turning green from the marker-dyed wig. Lesson learned!

As time passed as my skills improved, I felt compelled to revisit Aphrodite IX, culminating in a 2.0 update. Revamping the costume involved refining details like the skirt, suspenders, and ammo belt, alongside upgrading the weapons and wig for a more polished look. Scott Miron and I teamed up for another comic-inspired shoot – he even provided the Gatling gun made from PVC as a fun prop. My dad lent his motorcycle to snap some shots inspired by Aphrodite’s hoverbike, too.  Katie Ballard’s makeup expertise and Scott’s post-production wizardry brought the vision to life, resulting in a series of photos that remain favorites in my cosplay portfolio.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Vincent Van Nguyen and Scott Miron. Makeup by Masha Chebotayeva and Katie Ballard.


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