Catwoman | 2007

Selina Kyle | Catwoman | 2007

I’ve always found Adam Hughes’ Catwoman #51 cover incredibly striking – as is true for thousands of other comic fans – and so I set my mind to recreate it using items in my wardrobe.  The catsuit and whip for my upcoming Sydney Savage costume were a perfect fit, and since the cover saw Selina’s cowl removed for her mugshot, I only needed a black wig and gloves to complete the look.

Teaming up with photographer Scott Miron – also a mega comic fan – for the first time was exhilarating. He crafted the backdrop himself and makeup artist Sarah Lynn Morrison perfectly captured Catwoman’s essence, complete with faux tears and tousled hair. The attention to detail was meticulous, from replicating the height and angle of the original cover to ensuring every aspect of the costume was just right.

As the shoot unfolded we played around with different poses for some fun alternative shots, but the #51 cover was the crowning jewel of the day. Scott’s final touches in post brought the image to life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The response to the photo was overwhelming – it was even selected as a Model Mayhem image of the day – a big honor at the time! What’s more, it caught the attention of Adam Hughes himself. Meeting Adam at SDCC in 2008 and having him sign a print of the photo was a surreal moment.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Scott Miron. Makeup by Sarah Lynn Morrison.


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