Danger Girl | 2008

Sydney Savage | Danger Girl | 2008

About: We hadn’t yet departed San Diego in 2007 and my friend group was already planning which costumes we’d return with next year. Despite just having finished four grueling days of walking the show floor in uncomfortable costumes an punishing shoes – we couldn’t wait to do it all again next year. Since we were all fans of J. Scott Campbell’s beautifully illustrated Danger Girl series, we settled into various characters characters from the main series, miniseries, and video game. My costume was one of the easiest in the bunch – catsuit, boots, whip, and done! We had a great time traveling the show floor together that next year.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by BlankLogo Photography. Makeup by H Makeup.


  • Abbey Chase: Becky Young
  • Sydney Savage: Me!
  • Natalia Kassle: Raychul Moore
  • Silicon Valerie: Traycee King
  • JC (Danger Girl Video Game): Heather Harris
  • Mei Yaoh (Kamikaze Miniseries): Jinx Cosplay


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