Sara Pezzini | 2008

Sara Pezzini | Witchblade | 2008

About: When I decided to create a cosplay tribute to Witchblade, I’ll admit, it was a daunting prospect. As a huge fan of the comic series, I felt extra pressure to get the outfit just right. I settled on Sara’s iconic red dress early on, even though the idea of wearing a skin-tight garment was intimidating. Since it was the outfit Sara wore when she first encountered the Witchblade, it felt like the perfect choice for my tribute. The outfit also provided a more conservative option compared to other Witchblade ensembles, such as the infamous metal bikini. It’s amusing to think that a latex dress and thigh-high boots are considered conservative for this character.

Knowing I’d never be able to sew such a tricky material, I opted to commission the dress from a specialized online store and focus on making the gauntlet. I purchased an armored Halloween gauntlet as a base, using Wonderflex to layer on detail and evoke the raw, primal nature of the Witchblade design. The first version of my outfit had no armor aside from the gauntlet, but after gaining confidence in armor building, I created a 2.0 version with additional armor for the face, chest, and legs. This was the version I shot with photographer Scott Miron, along with a fun plainclothes outfit I put together to showcase the dual lives of Sara Pezzini.

Photography & Makeup: Studio Photos by Scott Miron & Makeup By Katie Ballard


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