Poison Ivy | 2008

Pamela Isley | Batman | 2008

About: There are some captivating femme fatales in the Batman universe, and Poison Ivy has always been a personal favorite. I adore both Harley Quinn and Selena Kyle, but Pamela Lillian Isley possesses a unique allure. As a botanist turned eco-terrorist, I often find myself sympathizing with her, rooting (pun intended) for her in her maniacal and misguided endeavors.

Like most iconic geek-culture characters, Posion Ivy has dozens upon dozens of unique outfit iterations, so I opted to make this one my own. If there was one overarching inspiration it would come from Uma Therman’s glamorous big-screen portrayal.

We shot this outfit in a large forest south of Minneapolis, and I had great fun capturing Pam’s passion for nature in the shoot. We ended the day with a slightly cheesecake tribute to a piece I’d seen online, where Ivy was hydrating herself with a watering can. The outfit took a hit after climbing into the shallow river, but as always, it was well worth it.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by David Nusbaum. Makeup by Ali Beuning.


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