Wonder Woman | 2006

Diana Prince | Wonder Woman | 2006

About: As a feminist icon, Wonder Woman has always held a special place in my heart, inspiring me with her strength and resilience. When I stumbled upon the official Wonder Woman ensemble while shopping for a Halloween outfit, I knew I had to channel my inner Diana Prince. After a thrilling night out in the costume, I tucked it away, only to rediscover it when I ventured into early modeling photoshoots. The idea struck me: why not embody Diana in a series of photos? Collaborating with photographer Mason Hladun, I felt an exhilarating rush as I posed, crossing my bracers in front of the camera. From that moment, I was hooked on transforming into iconic characters.

A few years later, I delved deeper into the world of cosplay and decided to upgrade my Wonder Woman costume with better props and intricate Wonderflex accents—this was before Worbla hit the market! With my enhanced ‘2.0’ look, I organized a second photoshoot to pay tribute to the legendary Michael Turner after his untimely passing. Teaming up with photographer Michael Novak, we painstakingly recreated two of Turner’s most iconic Wonder Woman images, honoring his immense contribution to the comic book world.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Mason Hladun & Michael Novak


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