Aetheria Earhart | 2007

Aetheria Earhart | Original Design | 2007

About: This cosplay came about when Scrub Club Records asked me to assemble a costume based on their tabletop RPG Time Paradox. I this universe the character – Aetheria Earhart – is daughter to the famous aviator Amelia Earhart. The costume came together as a combination of items I already had, and was given a fun twist with the colorful makeup provided by Masha Chebotayeva. The photoshoot taught me an important lesson – it never hurts to ask! I knew of a small airport near my house that featured an aviation museum and would be perfect for the shoot. I shot out an email and was surprised when my request was granted. I was given access to a plethora of planes at the Golden Wings Museum and the staff deserve a huge shout out for how helpful they were. I had an escort to help me in and out of every plane I wanted to shoot in.

A highlight of the day was the surreal opportunity to interact with one of Amelia Earhart’s historic planes, coincidentally housed in my hometown. The chance to touch and pose beside such a significant piece of aviation history was an unforgettable moment, adding a layer of authenticity to the project. So quite a fun project over all!

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Scott Miron. Makeup by Masha Chebotayeva.


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