Remnant Lara Croft | 2015

Remnant Lara Croft | Rise of the Tomb Raider | 2015

About: I created this costume to take advantage of the breathtaking environments in Iceland as part of a trip friends and I dubbed #CosplayIceland! We knew we’d discover landscapes ranging from snowcapped mountains to crystal-clear glacial ice, but weren’t expecting to stumble upon an abandoned Viking village set as well. Shooting on location while exploring such an incredible country is one of the most memorable cosplay experiences of my life. After returning home I shot another version of the costume with the jacket removed for a slightly different look!


Collaborators: The #CosplayIceland team also included cosplayer Rachel “Reilena” Day and Philip Kalmes, who was our “assistant and cosplay transport specialist!”

Construction: Bow made in collaboration with Jenn Croft. Check out the construction gallery here


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