Warrior Wonder Woman | 2012

Warrior Wonder Woman | Original Design | 2012

About: Looking back at my cosplay portfolio, this is by far one of my most iconic and recognized outfits. Wonder Woman holds a really special place in my fandom, and while I love the stars, stripes, and satin tights of classic Diana, I’ve always been drawn to her Amazon origins. I pictured Diana as a warrior first and foremost, and wanted to bring my specific vision for her to life. Having enjoyed my Steampunk Lara Croft collaboration with the extremely talented Tess Fowler, I asked her to again aid me in putting an original take on a classic character, and through lots of research and iteration, Warrior Wonder Woman was born. I’ve gone on to wear and remix this costume at many conventions, and the look was even painted from reference I provided by the phenomenally talented Christopher Moeller for his Justice League: A League of One collected edition. He created two original paintings, one of which I have hung at home.

Photography: Stunning shots at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts by Andrew Ho Photos! Additional wonderful photos by Ljinto, SGH PhotoArtElysium Entertainment, and Chris Fink

Collaborators: Thank you to Tom Ignatius for teaching me the basics of leatherworking and helping construct the corset!

Construction: Check out the construction gallery here.


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