Zatanna Zatara | 2008

Zatanna Zatara | Zatanna | 2008

About: Zatanna is a staple of any good comic convention. Her outfit is a deceptively difficult ensemble to create – especially when searching for formalwear during prom season. As Zatanna has dozens of variations of her traditional tuxedo outfit, I chose to create my own original look with thigh-high boots, unique fishnets, and a white-on-white vest. After sourcing all the pieces, nearly everything had to be fitted to achieve a tailored look. All in all, my mom and I took about a dozen inches off the boxy tux jacket to give it that feminine flair.

The shoot took place with fellow comic-nerd Scott Miron, and he was the one who found the perfect shoot location – an actual magician’s theater complete with a stage, red velvet curtains, and a chest of props. We captured an incredible amount of content, but we are most proud of the tributes to iconic covers by Adam Hughes and Eric Basalda. Once again, Miron did a great job in post-production to give the recreations that extra level of polish. I brought the mischievous magician out of retirement some years later for a convention in California, swapping in some bright yellow accessories for a fun twist.

Photography & Makeup: Photos by Scott Miron & Bill Watters.  & makeup by Masha Chebotayeva.


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